Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last class we finished watching the movie seven. It was actually a really good movie and I stayed awake through a lot of it. I thought the murderer was sick in the mind but others think that she was called by god to stop these seven deadly sins. At first this movie was kind of slow and did not make too much since but as the movie went on I caught on what the guy was trying to pull off. I did not like anything he did because it was all wrong and it was not his place to kill or try to stop people from sinning. At the end of the movie when John Doe took the two detectives out in the middle of nowhere and wanted to finished the last two sins. John wanted mills to kill him at the end so the last sin was finished. The whole movie was just strange and weird but at the same time very interesting. The last essay that I have to write has to be about this movie and I still have no clue on what I’m going to write about. This has been a fun semester but now it’s time for summer.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

My other outside of class thing I did was went trail riding in the mountains. It was only Toyotas that were going up there and just from here we had four trucks drive to North Carolina. It was a 6 hour drive up there and we stop a bunch of times to get gas. We all had walkie-talkies and we talk the whole time. We drove to the North Carolina line and Tennessee. The first night we camped out in the mountains and woke up and meet up with all the over guys. All together it was 22 Toyota trucks and we just hit all the trails in North Carolina and Tennessee. It was a lot of fun. I got to test out my truck and really got to see what she can do. I didn’t break anything like my buddy did. He broke his four wheel drive and he couldn’t make it up through a lot of the trail without getting pulled up. Then we came to a monster mud hole that you couldn’t go around and my buddy hit it in two wheel drive and almost made it through and kept on trying to make it until he punch a hole in his radiator. I had to pull him up the rest of the mountain and all the way back down. It was a crazy weekend and I had a blast. I’m so lucky my truck made it there and back with breaking anything. I can’t wait to go back up there and do it all again but maybe less people. We did have to wait a lot for everyone to catch up with us in the front. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

On my spring break i went up to Farmville and hung out with some friends of mine. The only time I have been that way was to pick up rugs from there when I was little. We decided to take a little walk to a trail that they had up there. The trail was called High Bridge. I was wondering why they named it so knowing me I had to walk the trail and find out why they named it that. I thought it was a joke when I heard the name of it until I got to the bridge and saw it for my own two eyes. The trail had all kinds of people on there either running or taking a ride on their bike. Family’s walking together and of course taking their dogs for a walk also. Back to the bridge, it was like 2 or 3 football fields long and I’m guessing it was about 10 stories high but I could be wrong. The only thing I know it was way up in the air. I made it a point to walk all the way across it and then turn around and head back. It was a really cool trail and I recommend anyone who likes trails and new things to look at to go walk it. I will go back up there and walk it again when I find the time to.  

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

I had a good spring break witch I needed kinda bad. School was getting to the point where I couldn't take it any more. I started my spring break the Friday before and I had to work. Then I had my weekend off to go out with my friends and have some fun. One night I went out to a party out in the country and the road getting back to the fire was straight mud so I had to get down on it and sling some mud everywhere. The guys there got to take my truck and go hit all the mud holes with my truck and of course I did. Then the truck in front of me was a big dodge ram that was twice the size of my truck and he got stuck at the bottom of the hill. They all told my I couldn't pull him out cause of my truck was to small. I hooked up to him and pulled him out on my second try. They started to give me respect after I did that. I think I had a really good spring break. Made some money and had a good time.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Today I’m going to talk about my new job that I got doing tile work. The company is called knickerbocker contractors. I am friends with the family and they offer me a job working part time. I only work Monday and Tuesday and Friday. I like working with them a lot do to the fact that it is really relaxed and I am picking it up faster than I thought.  I am learning how to do a lot of the work and I am getting faster than the first day. I get paid really well just for working part time and just starting off. I drive in the morning to their house and that’s where I ride in the truck to the job site. I have been working for them about 5 weeks now and it is something that I enjoying doing and might just be the thing I do for the rest of my life. I like that we go to different jobs site and get to do different stuff. I get to see ugly bathrooms and turn them into art work. Watching people get all excited is very enjoyable for me and makes me feel like I did something good for someone else. Just in the few weeks that I have been working I have learn so much and I can take what I have learn and use it for the rest of my life.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

In class this week we are reading and watching the Glass Menagerie. It's a very old played and its sad but I have no idea what this play is about. For the past three days we have come to class and have been watching this play and i get more and more confuse about what is going on. The only thing I know in this play is that there is a crazy old women and there is a young man that goes to the movies almost everyday. Today is the day that we finished the great play.
The day before he gave us our instructions on our first papers and it was about a character in one of the stories. In some way we had to pick one and relate it to you self and make a connection. I found a character in Hills like White Elephant  that came close to me that I could relate to. I started my paper as a very rough draft almost an outline but I was able to bring to together as a rough draft and I brought it to class and as usual we got into groups and read each other papers and marked stuff out and wrote stuff in as we thought was right. The next class we had to bring in two copies one from editing and another one to turn in. Of course I didn't bring in another copy so i turned in my only one. I'm ready to get it back and finished it so I can turn it in for a final grade.