Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Last class we finished watching the movie seven. It was actually a really good movie and I stayed awake through a lot of it. I thought the murderer was sick in the mind but others think that she was called by god to stop these seven deadly sins. At first this movie was kind of slow and did not make too much since but as the movie went on I caught on what the guy was trying to pull off. I did not like anything he did because it was all wrong and it was not his place to kill or try to stop people from sinning. At the end of the movie when John Doe took the two detectives out in the middle of nowhere and wanted to finished the last two sins. John wanted mills to kill him at the end so the last sin was finished. The whole movie was just strange and weird but at the same time very interesting. The last essay that I have to write has to be about this movie and I still have no clue on what I’m going to write about. This has been a fun semester but now it’s time for summer.


  1. I thought I wasnt going to like the movie at first but as we started watching it it got pretty interesting. I still need to watch the whole thing though so i can get the paper written....i agree with you, im ready for summer too!

  2. Yeah like you I thought the movie was going to suck and be boring but I was wrong due to the beginning of the movie. Further along the movie I really started liking it. It's crazy how the ended but it all made sense and added up. Throughout the whole movie it kept it suspenseful. It was a good thriller movie.